Guest Post: How Your Company Can Recognize Crime Prevention Month

Crystal Newton by Crystal Newton | 10.17.2014

Crystal Newton is the Marketing Coordinator for Bates Security.

Each October, the nation recognizes Crime Prevention Month. The yearly awareness began in 1984 by the National Crime Prevention Council and since then, October has brought a focus on educating the public and recognizing those that help keep our communities safe.

coloring bookWhy is Crime Prevention Month Important?
Crime Prevention Month gives many groups and organizations the opportunity to become educated on matters that relate to the community’s safety. This may include education on areas such as internet safety, personal safety, school safety and home security. People prevent crimes; police and authorities are reactive to crimes committed or in progress. The goal of Crime Prevention Month is to bring awareness to the things that can be done on an individual basis to keep communities safer.

What Can Your Company Do to Get Involved?
Blog and Share.
Write articles on safety tips for specific topics such as Halloween tips, bullying, and home and neighborhood safety. Not only does this add powerful content to your website, blogging also helps your online SEO.  Share your blogs on social media. This will entice the reader to visit your website.

Social Media. Visit the website for the National Crime Prevention Council  for ideas on social media content. Follow respected organizations, such as the National Crime Prevention Council, National Fire Protection Association, local governments, police departments and fire departments and share their posts. Create images and infographics and consider “boosting” your posts so they are listed in the newsfeed.

Get Your Customers Involved. Create opportunities for your customers to be involved with your company. Consider giveaways or contests, open ended questions on social media or “caption the photo” games to involve your followers. At Bates Security, we created a coloring contest for Crime Prevention Month and are encouraging all of our followers to take part and vote on their favorites.

Use Honeywell’s resources. You can find life safety videos on that you can share on your YouTube channel for your customers. Not only have we shared the Fire Safety videos on our YouTube channel (as well as other valuable ‘How-Tos’), we also incorporate these into our overall Crime Prevention Month campaign by sharing the videos on social media, in our newsletters and blogs.  The Friendly Fireman is perfect for any parent with children.