A New Weapon in the Battle Against Tangled Cable

Brian Meachum by Brian Meachum | 10.02.2014

Cable installers across the country know the pain of tangled cable on the job. At Honeywell, innovation starts with the customer experience. Listening to customers’ challenges and installers most common frustrations with cable dispensing, we’ve built a better packaging option for you.


REACT’s durable design stands up to pressure when transporting or stacking.

Introducing REACT packaging, a system designed to significantly reduce tangles and other on-the-job hassles, helping you win the battle against tangled cable and keep you from kicking that reel clear across the construction site. The key to REACT’s success is a patent-pending active brake design that engages automatically when you need it and spins free when you don’t with no adjustments, dials or settings necessary. The packaging can be adapted to any installation situation offering both a front and top payout option. Let’s explore four benefits you can expect from REACT.

1. No tangles, more productivity
By significantly reducing the need to deal with tangled cable, contractors will have a more productive crew and less wasted labor and materials.

2. No more crushed boxes or torn handles
REACT’s durable design is meant to stand up to pressure when transporting or stacking. Reinforced side walls prevent the product from collapsing and stronger handles resist ripping for heavier weight cable to help installers avoid the hassle of a crushed box.

3. Convenient disposal
REACT is made of 100% recyclable cardboard. Breaking down flat with a few folds, installers don’t have to sort by material type when disposing the product.

4. Easy handling 
REACT is lightweight and compact, making it comfortable to carry around the job site all day long.

REACT is one more way that Honeywell delivers the quality, reliability and performance you need every time. But don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself how you can triumph over tangles and save time and money. Visit www.honeywellcable.com/REACT, call 1-800-222-0060 or contact your Honeywell Cable representative for more information.