Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Is Speaking Your Language

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 10.16.2014

Disarmed, Desarmado, Disarme´. No matter how you say it, Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is now able to communicate to users in four languages – English, Latin American Spanish, French Canadian and Brazilian Portuguese. This lets you provide your customers with a better user experience and may help you compete in regions that require languages other than English.


Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is now able to communicate to users in four languages presenting great opportunities for your business.

When you consider how many multi-lingual customers are in the United States and Canada, it’s an opportunity you can’t ignore. Did you know that Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the U.S. today with over 37 million Spanish speakers? According to Census figures, Portuguese adds over 670,000 to the number of people that may benefit from this additional language. And in Canada, nearly 7 million Canadians reported speaking French most often at home, making up 21.0% of the Canadian population.

You can proactively sell remote services to support the corresponding hardware of the multi-lingual products helping you attract new business, up sell remote services on existing hardware and provide a true end-to-end multilingual solution. This service provides the capability for an end user to configure their account in their preferred language, as well as customize time and date displays of system events. The user will be able to choose his/her language from the drop down menu at the log in on the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 account or in the user’s profile section.

Here’s What Your Multi-lingual Customers Can Do:

  • Set up events, rules and notifications, and video settings in their own language
  • Use mobile devices to stay connected to home or business 24/7
  • Remotely look in on kids, babysitters, employees, elderly relatives, contractors and pets
  • Receive alerts in their own language on important system events in real-time.

This offering is available across all Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 web and mobile applications. The “Test Drive” interactive demo feature for the iPhone is also available in Latin American Spanish, French Canadian, Brazilian Portuguese and English languages. This allows you to show a simulated live experience to your customers and prospects on what Total Connect 2.0 is without the need for a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to a live demo system set up.

The ability to offer home and business owners a true, end-to-end security and remote services solution in their own language helps you drive business through new account sign-ups, conversions and enhanced offerings to existing customers. Now that’s something to talk about!