The Future is Now: Software Updates for Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi Units Are Available

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 10.21.2014

In the movie Back to the Future II, Doc Brown and Marty McFly take their Delorean on a ride to the future: October 21, 2015 to be exact. This future was full of futuristic technology like hands-free video games, wireless tablets and computerized glasses that delighted movie audiences 25 years ago. Although we might not have flying cars in our airspace, technology has certainly come a long way and brought many of these imaginings to life. One of today’s breakthrough technologies you can present to your customers is the new Tuxedo Touch with Voice Control.

updatesThink about it. With the Tuxedo Touch, homeowners can create customized scenes and then, by simply saying “Hello Tuxedo” and using built-in commands like “Returning Home” or “Bedtime,” they can control security, lights, locks and thermostats without lifting a finger. Picture yourself rushing to leave the house while carrying way too much—and instead of having to put everything down to turn on/off lights, lower the thermostat or arm your security system, you can simply say, “Hello Tuxedo,” “Leaving the House,” and everything will be taken care of for you. Is this the home of the future? You bet!

The software update is now available for all Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi units that are currently installed or on the shelves, so don’t hesitate. To update Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi units in the field, the unit’s SD card will need to be in the device drive. The step-by-step update process is detailed in the “Software Updates,” “Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi” section of the Tuxedo Touch Toolkit.

Take your company and your customers into a new era with Voice Control and the other important updates detailed below.

Local Video Viewing and Recording: This feature lets consumers view and record video locally at the brilliant, 7” full-color touchscreen—and it’s a great way for users to see who’s at the door if they are working, record anyone entering hazardous or sensitive areas of their business, etc. Users also have the option to view video locally on the Tuxedo touchscreen or via their own smartphones, tablets or televisions.

Remote Software Downloading: Remote software updates can automatically be sent to any field-installed Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi controllers connected to the Internet, saving you valuable installation time and operational expenses. Field installed units with previous software versions can be updated manually in order to benefit from this feature for future updates.

Additional Customizable Scenes: Users can now customize up to 30 scenes instead of the 10 max available with the previous version.

Group Feature: This feature saves time by allowing users to “group” similar Z-Wave devices so they don’t have to be programmed individually for a scene.

With the addition of Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, users can control their system and receive important event notifications from wherever they are—right on their smartphones, tables or everyday mobile devices.