Guest Post: Register Now for the Honeywell and I-View Now Webinar

Larry Folsom by Larry Folsom | 11.06.2014

SSI_Honeywell_IView_RectLarry Co-Founded I-View Now and is the President and CEO.

Video verification is an opportunity for your alarm company to add RMR to surveillance installations. Video verification means no more guessing about what caused the “alarm on zone 4”.  No end user remembers what zone 4 is; now when the alarm goes off the operator and the end user see what caused the alarm. Additionally, as the market is seeing new entrants offering DIY (Do it Yourself) and MIY (Monitor it Yourself) solutions, our industry can be strongly positioned to differentiate our companies and services that are professionally installed and monitored.

Professionally monitored security can now include video verification by adding these great devices and this service. I-View Now is an award-winning cloud based central station video interface that was invented to verify video alarms during the dispatch process and reduce false alarms and increase apprehensions while using off the shelf security and video products.

Honeywell’s HRGX Performance Series DVR is the only I-View Now Ready device that is integrated with I-View Now video verification service. The HRGX is the newest H.264, 4/8/ 16 channel embedded DVR with up to 2 TB, and up to 24 simultaneous video streams. I-View Now relates the alarm events with live video and event clips. All video is stored in the I-View Now cloud and all operator actions are stored in the event history of the central station software.

The biggest benefit to dealers is that you can go to market with device monitoring, video verification, and guard tours to increase your RMR, save time on installations, and provide the video verification that your customers need and want. Join our webinar on Thursday, November 13 at 2 pm EST to see a live demonstration and learn how HRGX with I-View Now can maximize your RMR and save time with simple installations.

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