Guest Post: A Scalable Solution for City Center

Charlie Thiel by Charlie Thiel | 12.08.2014

I live in the city of Allentown and have been active in the community for more than 15 years. As the general manager of CSi, it’s really important to me that our company doesn’t just provide a business opportunity, but we roll up our sleeves, and we get involved with the community. That’s why I was very excited when the City Center project was born about three years ago.

What Is City Center?
City Center is a very comprehensive plan to bring retail, restaurants and residential, as well as corporate and small businesses into downtown Allentown. What excites me about this project is that it’s not just helping businesses; it’s helping residents in the City of Allentown.

Early on, one of the concerns in this project was scalability. As an integrator, what could we do to create a scalable open architecture environment for the security solution? We provided this solution by leveraging Honeywell technology. Honeywell has a very open architecture in terms of what it can do with its HSDK. That became really important since we wanted to provide an open platform so we could bring in building systems, HVAC building automation, and fire alarm. This way we weren’t just creating a closed environment for video surveillance and access control, but we’re actually creating an open environment that could grow according to their needs. With the help of Honeywell products, we’re providing a solution that goes above and beyond the technology. The Honeywell solution actually looks at each business case and the opportunity to operate with other entities, such as the Allentown Police Department or the Allentown Parking Authority.

Our team at CSi is really proud to partner with the City of Allentown and City Center. We look forward to building on what we’ve done over the years so that we can continue to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody who comes to Allentown.