Driving Connectivity on Every Account

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 12.15.2014

Just look around this holiday season and check out all of the DIY automation technologies out there. Seems everyone is trying to get into the act! During this recent Black Friday sales frenzy, I stopped at my favorite home supply store. For me, Black Friday is all about deals on tools, power equipment and other necessities. To my surprise, there were more special offers on gadgets that do various kinds of remote control and automation than tools and other hardware. They were selling automated locks, remote powered outlets and light controls. When I came back on Sunday to return some purchases, most of the automation stuff was still there. I asked the sales assistant why and he said “People find it too complicated and either don’t buy it or return it.”

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

We all know Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services is the glue that keeps consumers engaged with their security systems. Whether they’re using a VAM, Tuxedo or one of our LYNX Touch systems, offering Total Connect helps drive value for you and your customers. You have the expertise to sell, install and support the connected home and business. It’s yours for the taking and you can deliver what the consumer wants without the hassle.

Let your customers and prospects know that you are a security and lifestyle professional who understands all that the connected home can offer. To that end, we’ve produced a short video that you can download and post to your website to help demonstrate what you can offer to your customers.