You Secured What with Honeywell Total Connect?

Troy Barnes by Troy Barnes | 01.13.2015

Growing up in the ‘80s with Miami Vice, Magnum PI and other similar shows, I always enjoyed the idea of a security and video system that monitored everything around me. Now that I’m all grown up and have a career in security with Honeywell, I can.

I would say that at least once a week people will say to me, “You put a security contact on what, your mailbox?” Yes, it’s true. Beyond that, I set up my daughter’s house the same way. I’ve gotten comments referring to me being paranoid, to having too much time on my hands. I’m sure people said the same about auto insurance until it was mandatory.

mailbox screenFortunately, I didn’t listen to the scoffers and went on to secure my mailbox first after moving into a new house. You see, at 10:31pm on New Year’s Eve, two teens were having a little fun in the neighborhood, the way teens do, and chose the wrong mailbox to tamper with. The instant it opened, I heard a chime announcing that my mailbox had been opened, and a few seconds later received a text message from Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services saying the same. These two were caught red handed and hopefully they learned a valuable lesson in how not to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

This of course was a single incident in a five year period of being connected to my mailbox using Honeywell Total Connect. During this time, I had peace of mind while watching stories of mail theft and identify theft on the news. Have you ever been worried if the postal service really stopped your mail when you went out of town for a week? What about that check or important letter that you were expecting? Being connected to your home lets you know about these things, without listening for the postman or making multiple trips to the mailbox.

This past holiday season has proven to be especially costly for retailers who shipped packages to customers that were stolen from the doorstep. Honeywell Total Connect provides peace of mind here too. The camera trained on the front door lets me know when a package arrives, giving me notice to call a neighbor to retrieve it.

A security system today is much more than the alarm you saw on TV in the ‘80s. Today’s security system is your home connected to you 24/7, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.