AlarmNet Communicators Include Pre-Activated SIM Cards Saving You Time and Money  

Dean Mason by Dean Mason | 02.09.2015

You’ll save time and money with pre-activated SIM cards.

If you are a dealer in the United States, your installations are about to get a whole lot easier! Last month, we began building radios with pre-activated SIM cards. This means they are already activated on the carrier network when you purchase them. Now, your installations will be quicker and it will eliminate connectivity issues providing you with a seamless experience.

Where Can I Find Them?
Specially labeled cartons will be on the shelves for purchase. The labels will display the date when the SIM was activated at the factory. Any communicator that has not been programmed approximately three months from the manufacturer date will be deactivated to avoid monthly charges from network carriers. All radios can be reactivated through the traditional methods on AlarmNet Direct. If you have any other questions about this new service, please email us at or take a look at these FAQs.

At AlarmNet, we strive to deliver consistent, world-class services and communications. Time is money, and radios with pre-activated SIM cards can help save you both.