Guest Post: Turning A Negative Sell into A Positive Sell

Blake Smith by Blake Smith | 02.16.2015

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services let you offer additional benefits to your residential and commercial customers.

Blake Smith is the Head of Marketing for Wilsons Heating and Wilsons Security.

Keep your family and home safe and protected with “” “” Security… Sound familiar? I think we’ve all said or advertised this statement before.

From the beginning of home and commercial security, companies around the world have sold their systems and services to consumers on the premise of fear, on a negative occurrence within their home and business, i.e. a break-in, a flood, etc.  Now we are in a new age of selling in a different light, the positive.

Home automation and other features of Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services allow dealers more now than ever to be able to sell on the premise of the positive occurrence, selling on convenience and working with a person’s busy lifestyle. It’s a foreign entity for many companies to fall off of the “norm” and move towards a whole new world of home automation, but it’s an area that is growing quickly. The time of being able to sell on consumers’ lifestyles and convenience is here to stay.

At Wilsons Security, we serve homes across central Nova Scotia, and businesses large and small across Canada. In 2012, we started offering Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services to our residential and commercial customers. We’ve found that our commercial clients like that they are always connected to their business. For some that means video “look-in”, while others simply enjoy the ability to remotely arm/disarm and receive alerts on openings and closings.

Our residential customers really like that these services make their busy lives easier and save them money. With certain features such as turning lights on and off at certain times of day or operating the thermostat from a smart phone, or setting all features on schedules they find  they are saving energy quickly and easily. We’re now able to sell on the premise of our customers saving money on other bills through having a security system, the positive – who would have thought?

So if you’re not selling on the premise of convenience, lifestyle, and energy savings – you better get to it, others are. Now ads will read more like, “And oh yeah, we’ll keep your home and family safe and secure too.”