HDZ Family – Ideal for Detailed Surveillance

Traci Hall by Traci Hall | 03.04.2015
HDZ Family image_opt12

Our expanded line of HDZ Series PTZ cameras give companies more affordable options to enhance their video surveillance systems.

Whether a company can afford IP video or not, most are asking for higher-quality video.Often, the facilities that depend on advanced video surveillance like airports, schools, and casinos can’t access the newest technologies. From budget constraints to existing cabling infrastructures, there are a number of reasons why this solution is out of reach, but some new products can help eliminate these obstacles.

We recently expanded our line of HDZ Series PTZ cameras to help you satisfy your customers’ needs. New to the family are the Analog PTZ indoor and outdoor domes. These analog cameras provide an affordable way to see crisp video up to 36x zoom outdoors and 30x zoom indoors.

In addition to the new HDZ Analog domes, the HDZ Series IP PTZ Domes provide 1080p resolution at full frame rate. All of the IP and Analog HDZ cameras are True Day/Night, wide dynamic cameras that offer 360-degree continuous rotation high quality video, which allows for crisp video even when zoomed in from a distance.

The HDZ Family allows the user to scan a large area and zoom in from a distance to see detail such as a boarding pass or a license plate number. These cameras are ideal for installations where detailed coverage of longer distances is essential such as airports, casinos, schools, campuses, government facilities, commercial and industrial environments.