New Consumer Video for LYNX Touch and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 03.16.2015

Perhaps it’s just me, but I am so happy that spring is here. Here in the northeast, we’ve had below average temperatures and lots of snow all winter long. With the turn in the weather, consumers like you and me are getting back to our normal lives again.  That involves going out more often, visiting friends, remodeling, taking day trips and other things you can’t do easily in sub zero temperatures.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

As dealers you have to prepare for the busy spring and summer seasons. Your customers have cabin fever and they need your help to make sure their homes and businesses are secure when they fly the coop!

The video team here at Honeywell wants to help you jumpstart your business this spring. They have created the video above that showcases all the cool things consumers can do when they’re “connected.”  It features LYNX Touch and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. You can email the link to your customers, feature it on your websites or add it to your presentations.

Good selling!