Guest Post: How to Keep Rural Schools Safe from Harm

Ken Darr by Ken Darr | 04.20.2015

Ken Darr is Vice President of LowV Systems, Inc.

As a systems integrator, one of the biggest rewards of my career is providing security solutions for schools. Knowing that the work we do at LowV Systems, Inc. is helping keep children and the surrounding community safer makes it all worthwhile.

We recently completed an installation for Penns Valley School District in rural Spring Mills, PA. One of the challenges for this district is that it’s spread out, with about 15 minutes between schools. Working closely with the administration, we created a global system so if an incident were to happen in one building, all buildings would be locked down within a matter of seconds.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

From video surveillance to visitor management, the solution brings everything under one platform giving them the ability to go to one interface to pull all the reports in and know that their campus and district is safe. The best way to accomplish this for Penns Valley was with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch. Pro-Watch provides the access control platform so we can integrate all other systems, including LobbyWorks,  the visitor management piece and MAXPRO VMS, a Honeywell Video Management System. The integration of these systems allows for easy video searching based on access, visitor, and intrusion events. What used to be a difficult task is now made easy.

The system also gives school staff more control in who can access the buildings. Visitors are funneled to the main office where Honeywell’s LobbyWorks Visitor Management System requires them to present ID at an office kiosk. LobbyWorks updates the Pro-Watch database with each visitor’s personal information so there is a record of each visit. If access is granted, a badge is issued that visitors must scan at each keypad for entry into the building. Everything ties into Pro-Watch providing a full, integrated system that the district identified as one of their needs.

The most important thing is taking care of a customer and the customer’s needs in the immediate instance. With this installation, I’m proud to say we’ve achieved that for the faculty, students and staff in this rural community. If you’re interested in more details, take a few minutes to watch the video above or read this article featured in Campus Safety.