Guest Post: Keep Tabs Using Tracking Services

Jerrod Smith by Jerrod Smith | 04.27.2015

Jerrod Smith is owner and founder of Fortress Security.

Just last fall, Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services was introduced, giving dealers like us the ability to help customers monitor vehicles and high-value property. Since then, we’ve been performing five to ten installations of the tracking system each month.

Total Connect Tracking

Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services benefits a wide variety of Fortress Security’s customers.

What we’ve found is that the variety of applications for tracking have been wider than one might guess initially. Rather than getting interest from just a few types of small businesses, we’re finding that there isn’t a strict customer profile. The service is useful to any company or family that has a collection of vehicles they want to keep an eye on.

What Do Customers Get?
With Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services, customers can keep tabs on their vehicles by seeing:

  • Where tracked vehicles are in real time, as well as 90 days of location history
  • History of vehicle speeds
  • The length of time drivers spent traveling on particular routes
  • Alerts for when speed and travel-area limits are exceeded

The data provided is easily monitored from a personal computer, cell phone or other mobile device. Businesses can get a snapshot of where all of their vehicles are at once, which can be applied to any company with employees out on the road like pest control, pool maintenance, lawn service, food delivery, transportation of materials and goods or hospital delivery of important supplies, equipment, and transplant materials.

Residential Opportunities
Individuals may find a host of different reasons to adopt the service as well. They’re able to track stolen personal vehicles, monitor use of recreational items like boats, ATVs, RVs, and motorcycles, check on out-of-sight heavy equipment or shipping containers, even make sure a new teen driver made it to school.

We recently had a unique application for a customer whose elderly father has dementia. The man wanted to keep an eye on his father to make sure he didn’t get lost while running errands. By setting up alerts that went directly to his smart phone, he would know if his father ventured further than the supermarket for milk, or whatever parameters he felt were needed. Every family’s circumstance is different, and the ways people can use tracking software to protect vehicles and loved ones are just as varied.

How Does It Work?
If you haven’t offered vehicle tracking before, here’s the rundown of how it works. Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services uses GPS technology, similar to a map application on your cell phone, and then relays that information to a program that the user can check at any time through their computer or mobile device. Data is accessed through Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services App, which our existing customers already have access for building or home security controls, video streaming, and energy management.

The tracking components are simple and easy to install; they can be loaded into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port or placed elsewhere on the vehicle. The service is available to be sold across the U.S., can be accessed anywhere with a web-enabled device, and they’re easy to manage for virtually anyone.

Our offering of Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services has been an incredible asset for us and has added to our overall customer satisfaction rate. There’s no doubt, you will quickly consider it an important facet of your security equipment offerings after adding it to your array of services.