Guest Post: What’s It Like at a HIS End Users Forum?

Chris Larson by Chris Larson | 05.04.2015

Chris Larson is the National Security Technology Manager for Anthem, Inc.

HIS Forum

The HIS End Users Forum offers a variety of sessions and networking opportunities.

As the HIS End Users Forum approaches, I am thinking back to my first couple of Forums.  The first for me was in Louisville, KY. Honestly, I don’t remember that much of the event.  I do remember the restaurant event though.  It was a great restaurant at the top of the hill overlooking the Ohio River. I can remember how overwhelmed I was with what was being presented and what group (vertical market) I should choose. Felt a bit out of place with all the high level talk about how their systems worked and compliance issues within the pharmaceutical and financial worlds. “Should I even be in here?” I asked myself.

I knew that I had so much to learn about the Pro-Watch System.  I thought our systems were so small compared to other sites and those “veteran” administrators.  I was grateful for the opportunity to learn about where the system was going.

The second Forum was in Miami. Honestly, how could you focus in a place like that? Especially for someone who was coming from the Midwest.  The biggest memory for me at this Forum was the parking lot, an easel board where we were able contribute to the roadmap of the Pro-Watch product. Even with a small system, I felt like I was a contributor to change.

Over time, I grew in knowledge and understanding of systems.  I learned how to apply what I have learned to my company’s environment.  I learned to see what we could do in manufacturing that would make it easier for our sites.  I even pushed our integrator to do things that they thought couldn’t be done, because of examples of integration shown to us by Rob Blasofel, Director of Honeywell Integrated Security.

Needless to say, there is value in the HIS End Users Forum.  The most important thing I learned is how to network.  The business relationships I developed have been invaluable.  I look forward to each event because of the people.  Each year, we learn more things, enjoy time out with our gracious host, and grow as a group in the networking opportunities.  If you’re coming for the first time, review the First Time Attendee information before you get there.  And when you get there, enjoy the moments and absorb what you can from the presentations and “veteran” administrators.