Guest Post: Incorporating Honeywell Total Connect on Every Sale

Joshua Unseth by Joshua Unseth | 05.06.2015

Joshua Unseth is co-founder of Alarm Grid.

Adding connectivity to a customer’s home for a few extra bucks is one of the simplest sales we make at Alarm Grid. We add on Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services each day and making these sales is easy since it has become part of our company’s culture. If you’re wondering why you should sell remote services, keep reading!

Honeywell Total Connect

Honeywell Total Connect allows consumers to stay connected to their home or business 24/7.

Make It Part of Your Company Culture
The Internet lets you express what your company does. Take full advantage of your web site– promote connected home and incorporate Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Our emphasis is on interactive services and we make it very clear on our website as we outline what is included in our alarm monitoring services.

Our internal emphasis is customers first, products, services and sales second. We do our best to assess the needs of our customers and get them exactly what they want. And our customers want Honeywell Total Connect. All we have to do is tell them about the incredible features.

We Expect Our Customers to Purchase Remote Services
Selling a security system that is tied to a connected home or business solution is simply better than a stand-alone security system. It allows consumers to stay connected to their home or business 24/7. That’s what people expect today – to be connected whenever they want, wherever they are. We expect our customers to want to purchase remote services. We do not push them or give them a hard sell. We simply present it on each call, explain it to them, and then, we give them the opportunity to upsell themselves.We have found that once our customers have Honeywell Total Connect, the more they want to add on features. Once customers see how easy it is to use automation devices with their system, they add on more lights and locks.

Make sure you are talking about Honeywell Total Connect with each and every customer you touch. It’s not usually something we have to sell, but just something we have to let customers know exist! The bottom line is that interactive services are one of the most incredible up-sale gifts that the industry has ever seen. If you ask a customer, “do you want to be able to control your system from your phone or computer?” their answer will be a resounding “yes.”

Customers will pay extra for home automation; weather, news, and traffic (which works really well with Honeywell’s wireless LYNX Touch panels), sensor open close, and video monitoring. While these features are great for residentially monitored clients, there are also a number of advantages that excite businesses. Managing user codes remotely and text alerts and email notifications are particularly important to the commercial end user.

Honeywell Total Connect adds to the bottom line. And helping customers understand the advantages of having access to a security system when they aren’t home will help you and your company achieve your financial goals.

Welcome to a new era of interactive home security!