Enhancing the User Experience with Honeywell Total Connect

Alice DeBiasio by Alice DeBiasio | 07.16.2015

In today’s society, people are busier than ever. And to help them manage their day, they often turn to their mobile phones. Did you know that nearly two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults own a smartphone, which is up from 35% just four years ago? As general manager for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, my primary focus is on ensuring the overall success of the platform. The team is dedicated to helping people stay connected to their homes and businesses from wherever they are. With Honeywell Total Connect, we’ve incorporated functionality that makes it easy for consumers to perform a variety of functions straight from their mobile device.

Staying Connected to What’s Important
In May, we added innovations to our remote services to give those that use mobile devices a variety of benefits. More than 90% of Honeywell Total Connect users access the system from their mobile devices so we have taken steps to provide a more intuitive platform.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

We created the video above that showcases some key players behind the service and demonstrates the steps the team has taken to enhance the user experience for busy consumers. We hope it provides insight and helps you understand our new updates and plans for the future.