Guest Post: Offering Life Safety Products

Eric Jackson by Eric Jackson | 08.10.2015

Eric Jackson is the Community Outreach Manager at NorthStar Alarm.

Providing quality service and amazing products that keep your customers safe is the goal of any alarm company. At NorthStar Alarm, we’ve learned about the benefits of providing our customers with the best products. Whether it’s an alarm system, smart garage or door sensors, it’s important to make sure you always give your customers the best.


By offering your customers personal panic pendants, you are providing a valuable life safety service.

As a proud Honeywell dealer, one of our favorite products that often goes overlooked is the personal panic pendant. This water-resistant pendant gives customers and their families the comfort of knowing that if they slip or fall they’re still safe.

A Real-Life Example
One of our customers, Nancy R., an 87 year old woman from Oregon, recently discovered the benefits of a personal panic pendant. Nancy originally got an alarm system to feel safer about living alone. It wasn’t until almost a year and a half after she got the system that she needed the medical pendant. Nancy fell in the shower and broke her hip during her morning routine. Nancy credits the pendant and EMS team for saving her life.

“I’m very fortunate because if it weren’t for that pendant, I could have been in a lot of trouble,” Nancy said. “Everyone who lives alone would benefit from a medical pendant and should have one in their home.” You can hear more about Nancy’s story here.

Inform Your Customers
Develop a culture of presenting all of your products to your customers, even when you think they won’t want or need it. It’s better to have the customer make an informed decision and say no than an uninformed decision and be in need later on – especially if it’s a product that can save a life.

There is power in what we sell. We’re not just selling products to our customers, we’re providing them with safety and peace of mind.