Guest Post: Unique Applications for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Gregg Judge by Gregg Judge | 08.17.2015

Gregg Judge is Director of Sales and Operations for the Security Division at Comtronics.

There’s no doubt that technology has changed dramatically since I started my career in the security industry. One of the shifts has been from consumers needing just a traditional security system to wanting something more, a Connected Home or Connected Building.

A little over four years ago, we decided to offer Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services to our residential and commercial customers. We present Honeywell Total Connect on every call because odds are that there will be a feature that really resonates with the end user. We have customers that are just ecstatic about the door locks, lamp modules and thermostats. Others want just the video.  Our roots are always with security customers, and we can tie all the features together for them with the Honeywell Total Connect app.

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services can give parents peace of mind when they are away from home.

Live-Saving Solution
In my own home, I’ve used it to for life safety. I set up a scene so if my smoke detectors go off, the system will unlock my doors, turn on the lights and open my garage door.  I felt that if there was smoke or fire, I wanted to be able to get my family out easily and/or let first responders in quickly.

Parenting Possibilities
Of course, the capabilities go beyond life safety and that opens up the door for some interesting applications. One of our salespeople came up with a great way to “parent” his children using their gaming system. He installed a Z-Wave module behind the television, connected it to the system and setup a schedule on Honeywell Total Connect for when the kids could play. When the time was up, the power went off.

The kids didn’t know where or what the Z-Wave lamp module did and couldn’t figure out how it worked. For good behavior, he could remotely turn it back on from his phone when  their homework and chores were completed, verifying it on the cameras of course!

Our employees have absolutely embraced selling and installing the service.  We used to have a target of about 30% Honeywell Total Connect sales, we’ve up’d that target to 40% and today the actual sales are at 80%.  In fact, some of our sales reps are 100% Honeywell Total Connect included on every sale.

When it comes to consumers, every person is different.  However, if you get to know a little about their day to day activities and present Honeywell Total Connect, you will find a way to help them feel safer and simplify their life.