Guest Post: Partnerships Built on Trust

David Hood by David Hood | 09.16.2015

David Hood is the Director of Business Development for EPS Security.

EPS Security’s established partnerships with area builders throughout the state of Michigan have been essential to expanding and growing our residential business. Builders have become a highly valued market, one of several identified vertical markets EPS targets through marketing programs and sales efforts. Within these markets, we’re committed to providing the highest quality technologies and services available.

“Doing it right the first time”, is a saying throughout many industries, but to a builder, it’s practically law. The quality and craftsmanship of an elegant home design and its construction depends on the planning and certainty of the complete package. A builder’s client does not want to look back on their commitment to build their dream home with regret. For that reason alone, it’s important to suggest protecting their new investment with a state-of-the-art Honeywell security solution. Whether simply pre-wiring the home or fully integrating a multi-faceted security solution, EPS and Honeywell have the expertise to get it done.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

Dean Adam’s and Bay Area Contracting know this well. As an award-winning builder of some of the most spectacular homes in Northern Michigan, he speaks highly of the quality and expertise an EPS designed Honeywell security system can bring to the table. In addition, the majority of Dean’s projects include comprehensive fire alarm and intrusion systems along with applicable low temperature and water level detection solutions. Check out the video above that details a recent installation we completed for his lakefront rental.

To further strengthen our presence in the builder market, we work with local organizations such as Home Builders Associations, neighborhood publications, and realtors. We have dedicated security consultants specifically for builders and contractors to manage these partnerships on a day-to-day basis. In talking to new homeowners about their needs, these sales professionals provide the best possible solution.

These partnerships are built on trust. Trust in a mutual understanding that each contributor is providing the highest level of service and the best quality product. For 60 years, EPS has worked diligently to earn and maintain that trust with our builders, home owners and industry partners.

If you are a Honeywell Authorized Dealer and will be attending CONNECT 2015, be sure to attend my How to Market to Verticals session where you can learn how to market to verticals through direct mail, flyers and association relationships through an interactive session.