Guest Post: Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns

Crystal Newton by Crystal Newton | 09.22.2015

Crystal Newton is the Marketing Coordinator for Bates Security

Bates Security Facebook Page

This Facebook ad allows Bates Security to reach the exact audience they want at the right moment.

Marketing is not an exact science.  Successful campaigns take time and measurement, not to mention trial and error.  The same campaign works differently in each market, so it is important to track all aspects and learn what works best for you in your specific market.

All marketing campaigns work together and need to be kept consistent.  When branding your company, it’s vital that the theme and message be consistent over all platforms.  This means using the same font, colors (PMS and Pantone), size, shape and tone.  For example, your website design should correspond with your social media and email templates.

Digital Campaigns
“Google it” is a phrase that we hear often in this digital age.  Your company needs to have your digital presence ready when prospects come looking for you.  Not only does your website need to be easily found in a browser search, but it also needs to be easy to use and the content should produce conversions.  A good digital campaign is threefold:  Pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and a website with content to produce conversions.

Not only does PPC produce immediate results, but it also tracks the trends of your prospects.  Used properly, the analytics reported with a PPC campaign pave the way for keyword and content improvements to your website, allowing for a higher conversion rate.  Higher conversion rates on a website lead to successful SEO.

Social Media
The most effective social media campaign has two parts:  a page and paid advertising.  Having a social media presence is practically a requirement to stay relevant in this digital age.  It’s not only a branding piece, but it shows your culture.  It proves that you are a legitimate business, a reputable company and are experts at what you do.  However, as you have probably witnessed firsthand, simply keeping a social media page updated does very little for ROI.

Like Google, there is an organic and a paid side to social media and they are equally important.  Advertising on social media keeps your brand in front of your prospects.  Facebook is the social media platform we have learned assumes our best demographic.  Facebook advertising offers very specific and targeted marketing that allows us to reach the exact audience we want at the right moment.

The way people view and consume TV has changed.  With Netflix, DVRs and wireless devices, it’s easy to not watch commercials anymore.  But TV is still the major megaphone for the advertising industry.  And although the cost may seem high for these campaigns, with the right message and audience, your cost per lead can be rather low.

Many factors go into a successful TV advertising campaign such as production, reach and frequency.  Tracking a TV campaign is also difficult but can be done using a specific offer, a phone number different than your main office line or watching for trends in call volume or website traffic during your campaign. Take a look at a recent TV commercial we produced for some great results.

At CONNECT 2015, I will be discussing more on these topics in my Saturday session. If you are a Honeywell Authorized Dealer and will be in Scottsdale, be sure to attend my Marketing Campaigns – Branding, Tracking, Impact session where I’ll share some of the specifics on campaigns that have created success for Bates Security.