A New Way to See Opportunity: Video Alarm Verification for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 10.19.2015

In today’s world, business and homeowners are relying on the power of their smart phones to run and manage their day. When it comes to their security systems, they want to know in real time what is happening and if there is an alarm they want to see what caused it immediately. That is why Video Alarm Verification (VAV) presents such a great opportunity. This week we announced that AlarmNet has expanded its integration with I-View Now to support VAV for Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services.


VAV helps takes the guesswork out of what caused an alarm since central station operators can actually see pre-alarm video footage.

What Is VAV?
Video Alarm Verification helps takes the guesswork out of what caused an alarm event since the central station operator can actually see pre-alarm video footage. This lets monitoring personnel alert authorities to potentially dangerous situations before help is summoned—promoting a higher level of safety for customers and first responders. With Honeywell Total Connect IP cameras, central station operators can access 10 second video clips with pre-and post-alarm footage. For end- users, the cameras offer the ability to set up notifications on events, view video clips and remotely view what is happening at the premise all through their mobile devices via the app. For dealers, adding VAV to Honeywell Total Connect is an easy add-on that helps boost value.

I-View Now offers a patented, cloud-based central station interface that makes VAV as easy as pushing a button. It’s ideal for residential or small commercial applications and is a great way to earn more RMR.

How Can You Benefit?
For dealers and central stations incorporating VAV into your portfolio can help expand your business, increase your RMR and satisfy the fast-growing segment of local municipalities that mandate VAV before dispatch. For central stations specifically, VAV may help reduce the time and costs associated with false alarms and help provide better information to emergency responders about what is happening at the premise. Whether you are an end user, dealer or central station, it’s clear that VAV takes the guesswork out of alarms—improving situational awareness.