How to Address the NERC-CIP-014-2 Requirements for Energy Utilities

David Karsch by David Karsch | 11.10.2015

web18The North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) implemented a set of security requirements (NERC-CIP-014-2) for utility substations. Non-compliance fees can reach as high as $1 million per day per violation. As the vertical market utility lead, I meet with utilities across North America who in light of these requirements are extremely concerned. While many have some form of security measure, they are not able to deter, detect, delay, assess, communicate and respond to the levels required.

So what can we do to ensure physical security plans achieve compliance in this highly regulated market? It begins with education. On December 7th, we’re holding a free webinar that will be open to utilities, security integrators and consultants to discuss how to protect a wide range of assets with a three-prong solution. During the hour, you’ll hear from experts from Honeywell, Shooter Detection Systems and SpotterRF about how this solution can help substations meet these requirements to avoid these penalties and prevent millions of dollars in restoration costs or potential revenue loss.

Honeywell is committed to providing you with the tools and resources you need to be successful. Register today to reserve your spot in this session that will help you better understand the requirements to secure one of our nation’s most valuable assets.