Lessons Learned in Recent Utility Installation

Chris Koetsier by Chris Koetsier | 11.24.2015
Utilities Honeywell Installation

This case study details a Honeywell solution for a electrical utility facility.

Protecting our nation’s power grid from physical attacks is so important. Honeywell recently participated in a project that provided a powerful solution for an electrical utility facility. Due to security concerns, the facility requested to remain anonymous, but wanted to share the lessons learned to help protect other utilities across the United States.

Take a few minutes to read through the case study that details the layered approach that created a scalable and sustainable integrated solution. And if you are interested in learning more about how to protect utilities in your area, sign up for our free webinar on December 7th. Open to utilities, security integrators and consultants, the webinar will cover how to protect a wide range of assets with a three-prong solution. You’ll hear from experts from Honeywell, Shooter Detection Systems and SpotterRF about how this solution can help substations meet national requirements and prevent millions of dollars in restoration costs or potential revenue loss.