Guest Post: Caught on Camera-the Power of VAV

Nicola Oakie by Nicola Oakie | 01.26.2016

Nicola Oakie is the general manager at American Video and Security.

A young male drug addict stealing prescriptions.

Video Alarm Verification can give law enforcement vital information to apprehend criminals.

At American Video and Security, a large portion of the work we do is helping secure small, mid-size commercial as well as large and industrial commercial sites. Recently, we custom designed a security system for Smok’n Hot Vapors, an electronic cigarette shop. They were concerned that the store’s high-value merchandise – most of it small enough to quickly grab and transport – put the family business at high risk for a break-in. We worked with the store to identify structural weak points and installed a cost-effective solution that would quickly alert police in an emergency.

We installed Honeywell’s Performance Series HRGX DVR with I-View Now’s Video Alarm Verification (VAV) Service. The cloud-based central station interface ties live video to alarm events. I-View Now provides operators with clips, images and critical pre-alarm footage that the central station shares with law enforcement so that they’ll dispatch to the site. This is particularly important in Nevada since most of Southern Nevada requires law enforcement to respond only to verified alarm reports.

The store’s investment in the technology paid off just eight months after the install. In the early morning hours in January 2015, two burglars broke into the shop, emptied the cash drawer and smashed the display cases in only four minutes. The system instantly pushed the burglary signal—as well as video of the break-in—to the central station and the store’s owner.

Since they had a verified video clip, the police responded immediately and arrived at the scene and apprehended one of the suspects.  To find out more about the incident, take a few minutes to read the case study.

In this business, we promote peace of mind as one of the greatest benefits to our customers. But, it’s also one of the most difficult to prove. What we’ve found is that video alarm verification helps make that point to not only our customers but law enforcement.