Here’s How to Program VAV and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services  

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 01.05.2016

Since we announced AlarmNet’s integration with I-View Now to support Video Alarm Verification (VAV) for Honeywell Total Connect, we’ve received an extremely positive response. Why? VAV helps takes the guesswork out of what caused an alarm since central station operators can actually see pre-alarm video footage. This lets them alert authorities to potentially dangerous situations before help is called-providing a higher level of safety for customers and first responders.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

To provide this service, you must program customer accounts in both AlarmNet Direct and the I-View Now portal. We created the training video above to explain the process. And, it also shows how to configure the Honeywell Total Connect IP cameras for VAV.

How Can You Benefit from Offering Video Alarm Verification?
If you’re a security dealer, adding VAV to your portfolio can help expand your business, increase RMR and satisfy the fast-growing segment of municipalities that mandate VAV before dispatch. For central stations, VAV may help reduce the time and costs associated with false alarms and provide better information to emergency responders.

Whether you are an end user, dealer or central station, it’s clear that VAV takes the guesswork out of alarms.