Guest Post: Consumers Want Honeywell Total Connect

Alex Riehle by Alex Riehle | 02.04.2016

Alex Riehle is the Owner of Real Protection Service.

Since the inception of Real Protection Service, we have always focused on alarms.  For many years, it’s been about low cost or free installation just to get the account.  About five years ago, we started offering Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. We found people were willing to pay more for a system that provided them with more. Interactivity was the way to make ourselves different and offer something that gave customers full control of their security systems from anywhere.  Most of my customers use Honeywell Total Connect to keep in touch with their property.  Once people try it, they want it and are willing to pay for it.

Honeywell Total Connect

Honeywell Total Connect keeps users in touch with their property and lets them easily control lighting and thermostats.

Offering Remote Control for Second Homes
One particular customer wanted a security system with home automation features installed at their cottage in Tobermory, Ontario.  A popular area for summer homes, Tobermory is a small community located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in Northern Ontario.

We installed a LYNX Touch 5200 security system and added Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services so our customer could keep an eye on the property remotely, especially in the winter when access to the home is difficult at best.  Once the installation was complete, our customer was able to check in at the property and receive notification alerts from a pc, smartphone or tablet when an event occurred at the premise. We also added Z-Wave enabled thermostats so they could adjust the temperature in the cottage when they are not there.

Unique Solution for Spotty Internet Service
This particular customer loves the security system and Honeywell Total Connect, but would lose connection with the IP cameras because the local Internet provider services would be intermittent. When this occurred, it would be necessary to power down the modem and power it back up to reset the Internet.  With the Internet and power outages it dawned on me, my customer could reset the Internet  with a Z-Wave appliance module!  With the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app, the customer can now power on/off their modem and get the Internet up and working again.  We are using the AlarmNet cell services to do this.  It works great!

Customers never say they will refer you; it just happens. With the Honeywell Total Connect app, the customer shows it to friends, family and neighbours and they think it’s cool and want it.  It’s not just another security system that everyone has and we are no longer fighting to get the job at the lowest price.