Reach More Customers with Honeywell’s First CDMA Radio for LYNX Plus

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 04.21.2016
CDMA L3000

Honeywell’s CDMA-L3 Radio with Verizon 1xRTT technology gives you more choices and lets you reach more customers.

Mobile communications technology continues to evolve and improve. We’re using more and more data on our mobile devices and that’s not going to change. Service providers are well aware of this trend and have ongoing initiatives to build out and improve their networks. And just like your old obsolete flip phone, older networks like 2G have to be decommissioned to make room for faster more reliable systems that can handle the enormous increase in data usage.

As security professionals, you rely on the continuous performance of communications on every installation. We all know about the upcoming 2G sunset and Honeywell has responded with a series of new CDMA radios that will help you continue to provide reliable alarm communications for your customers and uninterrupted RMR for your business.

More Choices and Flexibility
Our latest addition is the CDMA-L3, our first CDMA radio for LYNX Plus (L3000) that resides on the Verizon Network. Now in the United States, on new and existing installations, you have two modern radio communications options: our GSMVLP4G – 4G radio on the AT&T network and the newly launched CDMA-L3 Verizon Network radio.  These two options give you more choices and much more flexibility on every installation helping you land more sales, increase RMR and grow your business.

It’s nice to know no matter where you are, you have a choice when it comes to LYNX Plus radio communications solutions that support Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services and alarm transport.