Save Time with Honeywell SpecWizard

Chris Koetsier by Chris Koetsier | 04.20.2016
Spec Wizard

SpecWizard helps write CSI Format A&E specifications for access control, video and intrusion solutions.

Are you fed up wasting countless hours copying and pasting multiple product specifications when drafting your master functional specifications? How about the time it takes to index and format your specifications? We have heard it over and over again; there has to be a better and easier way to create multiproduct CSI format functional specifications.

We understand the value of a designer’s time and that the focus needs to be all about the functional design attributes of a specification and not the administrative components. However, the importance of a professional, well-indexed CSI formatted specification can’t be understated. After consulting with professional security designers and channel partners, we came up with the Honeywell SpecWizard, an easy to access Honeywell Security CSI Specification web tool. This new time saving specification tool assists in writing CSI Format A&E specifications for access control, video surveillance, and intrusion system solutions.

Designers can log in anytime, anywhere, select the relevant components required to meet their specific functional requirements and download a multiproduct fully indexed CSI formatted functional specification. The downloads are available in Word, Word Perfect and RTF formats, making it easy to import into office masters or other design documents.

Why not give it a try, and let us know your thoughts?