A Day in the Life with MAXPRO Cloud

Traci Hall by Traci Hall | 05.23.2016

I’ve been with Honeywell right at two years now and for the first time, I was fortunate enough to be on site for a customer video shoot. Safeguard is an authorized Honeywell dealer in Scottsdale, Arizona who participated in the MAXPRO Cloud beta test. Chris Gingerich and Kirsten Marusich were nice enough to let us shadow them for a couple of days so that we could see what a typical day for a dealer who uses MAXPRO Cloud looks like.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

Many companies talk about the benefit of the cloud and how nice it is to have video surveillance securely in the cloud. While visiting with Safeguard it was interesting to see not only this benefit, but how they can manage access and video for multi-site locations from wherever they are. For example, in the morning before arriving to work you can log in to see the health of your system and if there are any alerts. You can also unlock a door for a customer while you’re at lunch. Before you roll a truck, you can make sure you have the correct part. Be sure to watch the video to see more ways that MAXPRO Cloud can improve your day.

Our team at Honeywell is proud to work with Safeguard. We look forward to launching MAXPRO Cloud in the fall and building on this success with other dealers.

If you’d like to learn more about MAXPRO Cloud visit www.maxprocloud.com or call 1.800.323.4576.