More Video Storage with Honeywell Total Connect

Durga Srinivasan by Durga Srinivasan | 07.28.2016
video storage

Residential users can now get five times more video in their Honeywell Total Connect Video Accounts.

With cloud solutions becoming popular in today’s world and an ever increasing shift seen in storage needs among end users, cloud based storage can mean RMR for dealers and integrators. Yes, we understand your needs! Honeywell now brings to you video storage enhancement across the versatile Honeywell Total Connect Video IP Camera product portfolio.

Based on our dealer’s feedback, video storage on Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 accounts is now increased from 100 MB to 500 MB. That means, your residential users can now get five times more video, that is, nearly 500 clips of 5-10 seconds in their Honeywell Total Connect Video Accounts.

The storage enhancements help your customers stay more connected with event-driven video alerts and notifications while allowing you to offer a more competitive and compelling solution to increase your RMR. This is just the beginning of the series of video enhancements planned for our Honeywell Total Connect Video solutions. With much more to come in the near future, we look forward to creating even more value for your business.

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