Recent WIN-PAK Updates Enhance Reporting

Pat French by Pat French | 07.13.2016
WIN-PAK Updates

Take a look at the WIN-PAK updates that can save you time and money.

WIN-PAK XE/SE/PE 4.0 users can now upgrade to WIN-PAK XE/SE/PE 4.4 via their active Service Maintenance Upgrade (SMU). One of the new features you will find is the ability to generate a Tracking and Muster report from any system event.  In previous releases, the report needed to be manually initiated and repeated manually to receive updates during an emergency.  Now a Tracking and Muster report template can be defined and attached to a specific event, hot button or even a schedule.  We have also added a timing function so the same report can be repeated every 1-65,535 seconds or set as a delay between multiple Tracking and Muster reports.  The reports can also be emailed in addition to printing them.

A Global Release
So you might ask, what happened to 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3?  WIN-PAK is sold worldwide with regions adding feature and function for their needs.  So 4.1 was a European release while 4.2 and 4.3 were released for Asian markets.  These have all been rolled into a common Global 4.4 release.  While much of the regional features are available only in that region, common global features are exposed in this 4.4 release.

Take a few minutes to review the highlight section of the release notes to discover other enhancements of this release.