Lyric Is Now Available to Every Security Dealer in the U.S.

George Janelis by George Janelis | 09.22.2016
lyric platform

The Lyric platform is now available at ADI for all security dealers in the U.S.

In today’s shifting landscape, providing lifestyle and security solutions is more powerful than ever. To meet the needs of today’s consumers, we designed Lyric, Honeywell’s next-generation security and home control system and introduced a Lyric Certified Dealer Program.

Since then, we have received glowing feedback about the Lyric controller, AlarmNet 360 and our new SiX™ two-way wireless technology. To answer the growing demand for the product, we are now expanding the availability of the Lyric platform to every security dealer in the United States through ADI.

Honeywell Lyric will revolutionize your connected home offering. It’s the easiest way to add more revenue to your bottom line and tie all of the technology in your customers’ homes together — including security, cameras, lights, locks, thermostats, remote services and more. If you’re interested in offering this product, check out the materials below that can help you market the solution to your customers.

A Variety of Support Materials

You can also use the product photos below in your promotional efforts. Simply click on the image and save it to your computer. 

We are committed to supporting and growing the Lyric Certified Network. Would you like to be part of a select group that is significantly rewarded for their loyalty to Honeywell Lyric products and services? How about exclusive access to quality sales leads, rebates, marketing development funds, certification and more? To find out how you can become part of the Lyric Certified Program, click here.

Whether you offer this as part of a certified network or independently, the Lyric controller can enhance your business since it is perfectly in tune with what today’s consumers want and how they live.

If you are a security dealer and would like to order from ADI, please click here to log in to your account.