A Tornado Alert…on Long Island?

Chris Coleman by Chris Coleman | 09.14.2016
LYNX Touch Tornado Alert

Offer your customers an Information Services package to alert them of local weather conditions and tornado alerts.

Last month, my son called me at work and said our security system was beeping with a message on the screen telling him about a tornado warning. Needless to say, he was feeling a bit uneasy about the message and I told him to go to the basement immediately until the tornado warning ended. I quickly went online to the weather service and did learn that indeed there was a tornado alert on Long Island that fortunately did expire without an actual tornado occurring.

Early Warning from Honeywell Products
This whole experience got me thinking about tornadoes passing through Long Island and how our LYNX Touch security system was the medium that provided my son with the forewarning that a tornado might occur. This alert provided advanced warning to take an action, to get to a safer ground. The beeping got his attention to react!

Honeywell Total Connect Information Services
Honeywell Total Connect offers an “Information Services” package that includes current local weather conditions, five-day forecasts and severe weather alerts for tornadoes. These warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and that information is relayed by AlarmNet’s Cloud Services Data Center to your customer’s security panel. A series of loud beeps sound and a warning message will appear on the panel. It provides a level of increased preparedness and safety for those customers who are subscribed. People can be caught off-guard in potential severe weather situations, like my son, because they are not watching TV or online when a weather warning has been issued.

Staying Informed with AlarmNet 360
Select LYNX Touch series panels as well as the Lyric panel are compatible to receive tornado alerts. To enable the service, you can access your customers’ accounts in AlarmNet 360 and enable *“Information Services”.

Your customers already have the option to get alerted about other life safety events like carbon monoxide, burglary or fire. By offering them this way to be alerted about weather events, you are giving them even more ways to protect their families and belongings.