Introducing Lyric Gateway, Delivering a “Mobile First” Connected Home

Inder Reddy by Inder Reddy | 11.10.2016

The mobile control of Lyric Gateway opens up new markets that include renters, condo owners, and those who frequently move.

When you look at the evolution of security, Honeywell has been part of many significant industry milestones. First came the versatile VISTA family and the hybrid security system, an industry workhorse, combining hardwire and wireless.  Then came LYNX, our wireless, self-contained systems, which opened up the residential market to millions of new customers. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the next big category in security: the Lyric Gateway.

Gateway to More Growth
The latest addition to the Lyric family, Gateway serves as the central hub for security, lights, locks, thermostats, cameras and more. It has a beautiful, contemporary design that’s geared for the person on the go.  It’s not fixed to the wall.  It’s placed anywhere, and consumers can control all it can do from their mobile devices. This mobile control opens up new markets for you that include renters, condo owners, and those who frequently move. And when used with SiX devices, Gateway can use its Lyric Lock feature to protect your accounts and the hardware you’ve enrolled.

Gateway to More Installations
With Gateway, a typical system can be installed in under eight minutes. That’s because you place the Gateway anywhere, plug it into a standard Ethernet connection, simply auto-enroll the encrypted SiX sensors and activate the system with AlarmNet 360. And of course faster installations mean more installations.

Gateway to More Profits
With Gateway, you can reduce truck rolls through AlarmNet 360’s remote diagnostics. If your customer has a battery in need of replacement, you can give your customer instructions to replace sensors, batteries, even a radio. If you prefer, you can plan multiple service calls geographically with a single technician.

Like hybrid and self-contained before it, Gateway represents the next logical step for our industry – a security and connected home experience designed for the mobile lifestyle. To learn more, visit