AlarmNet 360: Your Gateway to Convenience

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 12.06.2016

We recently launched Lyric Gateway, the latest addition to the Lyric family. Serving as the central hub for security, lights, locks, thermostats, cameras and more, it has a beautiful, contemporary design geared for people on the go. AlarmNet 360 is the central hub for Lyric Gateway installations and management, geared for dealers and centrals on the go – like you. This next-generation cloud management platform helps make the process fast and simple.

AlarmNet 360 and Lyric Gateway

AlarmNet 360 and the AlarmNet 360 app for Lyric Gateway provide many benefits for your business.

For those of us who have come to depend on our apps, the AlarmNet 360 app adds another layer of convenience.  There’s an app for Apple as well as Android aficionados, and they are ready to download from iTunes or the Google Play store. Once downloaded, you’ll see two click areas on the app’s landing (login) page: one to “Login” and another to “Manage Lyric Gateway.”

Login Option
The app’s Login button takes you to the mobile website, where you can handle many programming and troubleshooting functions for Lyric Gateway, including enrollment of Z-Wave devices.  The list of mobile site functions is always growing, so keep checking for the latest enhancements.

Manage Lyric Gateway Option
The app’s Manage Lyric Gateway option may be used to set up the Wi-Fi connection to customers’ routers, and to transfer panel programming from AlarmNet 360 to the Lyric Gateway. Firmware upgrades can be done via the app or through the website.

You Can Benefit from the Following Features:

  • Quick, streamlined zone, panel and communicator programming
  • Easy enrollment of Z-Wave devices via the app or mobile website
  • Information automatically downloads from AlarmNet 360 to Lyric Gateway via the app
  • Panel auto-registers with AlarmNet 360 upon connectivity
  • Removes additional programming steps and speeds up installations
  • Quick, easy and intuitive—saving time and bandwidth
  • Simple firmware upgrades and panel configuration transfers via the cloud

Using AlarmNet 360 and the AlarmNet 360 app for Lyric Gateway may result in significant time savings for your company—resulting in more installs per day and positively impacting your bottom line. For more information, be sure to check out the landing page at