Honeywell Total Connect Android App Now in Beta

Ilan Dee by Ilan Dee | 01.16.2017

hsf-samusung-fb1200x12002The Android platform has long been recognized for its wide reach, openness and reliability. Honeywell recognizes the incredible opportunities it presents for you. Delivering a completely rebuilt Android app with features comparable to the Honeywell Total Connect iPhone app and brand new design ensures that you can continue to sell the leading mobile security solutions on the most popular mobile devices in the world.

We are developing a brand new Android app to deliver a new mobile experience for Android users. We will release the app functionality in phases in a monthly release cycle. Security, Events, Settings and Push Notifications is the first phase of the Android beta. We invite you to preview these enhancements and to engage in our new feature set firsthand, familiarize yourself with the new platform, and share your valuable feedback with us.

Provide Your Feedback
Beta testing gives us the opportunity to fix any potential technical or user experience issues prior to general release, helping to ensure that we launch the best version possible. Your honest feedback is critical to the success of our platform, and is greatly valued and appreciated.  Please email your feedback to

Where do I Download the Beta App?
The Honeywell Total Connect Android beta app is now available. Download the beta app here to become a beta tester. When the user follows the link, they will need to ensure they are signed into Google. Once logged in, click on “Become a Tester.” The user must have the existing Honeywell Total Connect app installed in order for the beta version to download. Once the beta version downloads, simply log in with your current Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 username and password and you will enjoy a whole new Android experience.

Existing Honeywell Total Connect Android App
Currently, for full functionality including video and automation features, users must leave the testing program. A user must go back to the beta link and click “Leave the Program” in order to have the current full functionality of Honeywell Total Connect. Once beta development is fully completed in 2017, the existing Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Android app will be officially discontinued and the Beta app will replace the existing app and be used for full functionality across the entire platform. Your users will be automatically prompted to upgrade and will not require a new app install. You can leave the beta program at any time. Simply unsubscribe via the link above.