Guest Post: Honeywell Total Connect and SkyBell (Sell What It Does, Not What It Is)

Russ Ackerman by Russ Ackerman | 02.07.2017

Russ is Director of Residential and Small Business Sales for Atlantic Security in Jacksonville, FL.

Those of us that have been in the alarm industry for a few years have seen a lot of new products and services become available to our potential customers. Home automation devices are being developed like never before and all of this is opening up selling opportunities that we never had in the past. Of all of the new “cool” products that Honeywell has made available for us to sell, I think the Honeywell Total Connect SkyBell compatibility might be the most compelling to our residential prospects.

skybell-front-door-nurse_HiResWhat Is SkyBell?
SkyBell is a smart video doorbell. In conjunction with SkyBell, the Honeywell Total Connect iOS app allows the homeowner to speak, hear and see who is at the front door without having to open the front door, avoiding a physical confrontation. Our customers tell us that it gives them a whole new level of security.

Every sales consultant should make demonstrating the app and exciting part of their sales presentation. Presenting Honeywell Total Connect and SkyBell to your prospects should be a very simple process if you simply understand that you must sell what it does, not what it is. Your prospect does not need a new door bell. What they need to know is that through the Honeywell Total Connect iOS app, they can see, hear and speak to visitors at the door, plus, they’ll also have the ability to arm/disarm, lock/unlock the premises through one screen, while seeing and talking to a visitor the entire time.

Selling Solutions
Last year thousands of 3/8” drill bits were sold, but no one really wanted a 3/8” drill bit. What they wanted was a 3/8” hole. The point here is that your prospect is looking for solutions, not products. Whether you are selling a surveillance system, alarm system or any other product, you need to focus on the result of your offering. What is it going to do for your prospect?  Ask questions and “dig in” to discover what they want, then deal with the solution.  Sell the solution by painting a beautiful word picture of how your product is going to solve their problem.