5 Simple Steps to Manage Dealer Ownership of Accounts with AlarmNet 360

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 03.23.2017
AlarmNet 360

With AlarmNet 360, you can manage dealer ownership of accounts in five easy steps.

Looking for a way to easily manage your accounts? AlarmNet customers can now manage dealer ownership of their accounts quickly and easily through AlarmNet 360.  If you are an AlarmNet dealer, this means you can take and relinquish account ownership or transfer it to your Central Station as needed.

Having the ability to manage your accounts greatly streamlines the process, saving your company valuable time and effort.  Let’s take a look at the various scenarios and how you can manage ownership through AlarmNet 360.

Dealer to Dealer
Situation: The selling dealer wants to transfer ownership so the purchasing dealer can manage the account through AlarmNet 360.

Action: The selling dealer must first relinquish the account in AlarmNet 360 per the steps below. Then the purchasing dealer must complete the “Take Ownership” process in AlarmNet 360 to gain access to the account.

Dealer to Central Station
Situation: The central station is purchasing the account from a dealer.
Action: Since the central station always has access to their accounts, they simply have to take ownership away from the selling dealer through the Manage Ownership function, thus preventing the selling dealer from further accessing the account. If the dealer has programmed from the panel/keypad, they must choose the option to block other dealers from taking ownership of the account.

Central station to dealer
Situation: The central station/installing central station is selling the account to a dealer.
Action: The central station will maintain access to the account, but they will enable the purchasing dealer to take ownership of the account through the Manage Ownership function.

Manage Ownership Process
The process involves five simple steps:

  1. Go to the programming screen on AlarmNet 360.
  2. Search for the account by entering the City-CS-Sub number or the 12-Digit MAC ID of the communicator, then click search.
  3. Once the Account Information appears, click the “Actions” dropdown and select “Manage Ownership.”
  4. Choose the appropriate option, type “I Agree,” then click “Submit.”
  5. Once submitted, you will receive a “Success” message stating that the action you selected is completed.

Multi-Site Accounts
If the account is one location of a multi-site Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services account, a pop-up will appear stating that ownership cannot be managed through AlarmNet 360.  In that case, contact AlarmNet Customer Service at 1(800) 323-4576, Select Option 1, then Option 1 again for Cloud Services; or send an email to alarmnet@honeywell.com.

Take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with your dealer or central station to manage ownership of your accounts simply and easily through AlarmNet 360.