Simplify Customer Creation, Customer Growth and Customer Service with AlarmNet 360

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 04.26.2017

AlarmNet 360Looking for a way to drive business growth? Our recent enhancements to AlarmNet 360 can help. This month, we launched AlarmNet 360 Insights, our new interactive dashboard that offers daily insights to help you make more informed marketing, sales and operational decisions. At each iteration of its development, we demonstrated the offering to AlarmNet dealer and central station customers and made enhancements based on customer feedback.  The result? A solution that benefits AlarmNet customers in numerous ways, since it is designed by—and for—our customers.

Map Your Road to Growth
By filtering the data and using the Map view in AlarmNet 360, you can better understand customer purchase behavior overall and within specific locations. This can help drive new business, upsell opportunities and RMR. When shown this, AlarmNet customers were very excited, stating that this provides them the ability to create an additional revenue stream without having to acquire new customers.

Make More Informed Decisions Every Day
The interactive dashboard can help you more confidently make decisions that are vital to the success of your business.  For example, the Map view lets you quickly see if a communicator is offline so you can schedule an immediate repair.  You can see if other communicators are down in an area, which can simplify customer service by eliminating multiple truck rolls. When seeing this, many customers mentioned that it will save them from having to send trucks out for service calls when a tower may be out of service.

Real Metrics to Help in Your Daily Operations
With AlarmNet 360 Insights, you can filter your account base in a variety of ways through numerous available filters, which can be used to obtain important customer metrics to help with your daily operations.  The ability to log on and see the map—where the troubles are, right off the bat first thing in the morning and how they’re interrelated—can have significant positive impacts on your business.

Enhanced Website
In addition to AlarmNet 360 Insights, our website navigation has been enhanced to simplify customer creation for the user.  This important change can help save time on every installation.  It may also provide an easy path to pinpointing critical communications issues, streamlined information gathering and enabling even quicker reactions to customer service needs.

For more information or to see how Alarmnet 360 Insights and our enhanced website can help your company, visit today.