Apartment Dwellers Deserve Alarm Systems, Too!

Jacqi Levy by Jacqi Levy | 06.12.2017

When I started graduate school, I moved across the country to a city that I didn’t know. I had been on my own for a number of years before heading back to school, so I had an adult’s taste in apartments. However, going back to school full time left me with only a student’s budget to spend.

So how did I solve this problem? By finding a super cool, two-story loft apartment on the border of a fashionable neighborhood and a reputedly high crime neighborhood. Walk 6 blocks in one direction, and you’ve got trendy bars, restaurants and shops. Walk 3 blocks in the other direction though, and you’ve got boarded up houses and vacant lots. I ended up with a great apartment and super cheap rent. However, the location also left me with some lingering security concerns.

After all, I was moving to a city I didn’t know, at the edge of a neighborhood that was known not to be one of the safest in the city. My building had keypad and intercom security at the main entrance, but hey…tailgaters exist. I would have felt even safer if I had an alarm system in my unit. Too bad most landlords would never tolerate drilling holes in the walls to wire a system. And, I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for all that work out of pocket, only to leave it for the next tenant when I moved out. So I lived without an alarm system for those years.

Luckily, today’s renters have more choices than I had. Honeywell’s Lyric platform is great for renters, because it requires absolutely no wiring or drilling. The Lyric Gateway is Wi-Fi enabled, so renters can tuck the panel away in a bedroom, hall closet, or just about anywhere that has connectivity, and then arm and disarm the system from the Honeywell Total Connect mobile app. And, if a renter is moving, they can simply take the Gateway with them to their next apartment.

What’s great for dealers about the Lyric platform is that since there is no need for wired connectivity, the installation is plug and play. The system takes minutes to install, instead of the typical hours. Technicians can be in and out of a job very quickly, which means you can install more systems, faster. Plus, your customers don’t have to sit around for waiting for you to finish the job, so they can get back to their business faster too. And when they move, if they can take the hardware with them, you’ve got a greater chance of retaining the account, plus an opportunity to sell a system to the new tenant. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Apartment dwellers are actually great candidates for home security; it’s all about providing them with the right solution!