ADS Security Grows Revenue with the Lyric Platform

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 07.13.2017

In this competitive market, it’s vital to have offerings for today’s tech savvy consumers.  With the Lyric Platform, you can be armed with the tools needed to reduce your costs, protect your accounts and grow your business.

What is the Honeywell Lyric Platform?
Comprised of the Lyric Gateway, Lyric Controller, SiX Sensors, AlarmNet 360 and Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, this end-to-end Honeywell solution lets you improve your operations and offer your customers an experience that will enhance their lives. The Lyric Controller puts consumers’ homes at their fingertips with a dynamic 7-inch display. A truly plug and play installation, Lyric Gateway provides simply the fastest install.

With the SiX two-way technology in our wireless peripherals, you can benefit from remote diagnostics and updates to reduce truck rolls. And Lyric Lock lets you protect accounts from competitive takeovers. For the back office, AlarmNet 360 and the new AlarmNet 360 Insights, the interactive dashboard, provides business intelligence data to help you simplify customer service and customer growth. Of course, the end goal is providing your customer with a great user experience. That’s where Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services can help. Whether they are at work or on the shore, your customers can have a superior mobile experience when they’re on the go.

ADS Security Standardizes on the Lyric Platform
Over the past few months, we’ve heard from dealers across the country who are embracing the Lyric Platform to delight their customers and improve their business. One dealer who is standardizing on the platform is ADS Security, an electronic security company with 22 markets in the Southeast. Recently, we spoke to John Cerasuolo, President and CEO of ADS Security. From approaching the renter market with Lyric Gateway to using AlarmNet 360 to help his installers quickly and easily program their systems onsite or remotely, John points out some great examples of how the platform is helping him reduce costs and grow his business. Take a few minutes to watch the video above to hear it for yourself.