You Asked, We Listened – New Step-by-Step Lyric Videos

Moses Boodoosingh by Moses Boodoosingh | 08.15.2017

Over the past year or so, we’ve rolled out our exciting new Lyric platform. By now I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity to learn about these sleek new control panels, the cool SiX two-way sensors and our AlarmNet 360 business management cloud platform.  We’ve designed the platform for fast installations, protecting your accounts, remote diagnostics and to create new opportunities to grow your business.

Check out our new Lyric instructional video series that details the elements of a Lyric installation.

We’re listening too. You’ve told us you wanted more in-depth training and installation tips and tricks. So with the help of Jason Lutz, a Honeywell national account manager, we’ve come up with the Lyric Instructional Series…a series of videos and web-based trainings that walk dealers through the elements of a Lyric installation from soup to nuts. Everything from what’s in the box to pushing the “go/no go” button before you leave premises is covered.  The first three videos are ready and available on They are titled:

Lyric Instructional Series – Lyric Controller Set-Up and Programming via AlarmNet 360

Lyric Instructional Series – Lyric Gateway Set-Up and Programming via AlarmNet 360

Lyric Instructional Series – Firmware Update Procedure via AlarmNet 360

Spend a little time and give them a try. Who knows, you may shave a few minutes off your installation time and learn something new.