Get the Clear Picture with the New IPCAM-WIC1 Next Generation Honeywell Total Connect HD Video Camera

Durga Srinivasan by Durga Srinivasan | 09.07.2017

The sleek IPCAM-WIC1 gives your customers the increased ability to clearly view activity in their homes.

Recently, we announced the first release in a family of Honeywell Total Connect Next Generation HD video cameras: the new IPCAM-WIC1. With its sleek design, numerous features and built-in intelligent analytics, this indoor camera gives your customers the increased ability to clearly view activity in their homes.

And that’s not the full picture. The camera offers advanced hardware and software features and numerous benefits you can bank on. Users can:

  • Look in on their homes
  • Hear what’s happening
  • Speak to family, friends, pets, workers or others
  • Take a snapshot of activity
  • Pinch to zoom for a closer view
  • Enable privacy mode as needed
  • Easily tilt the magnetic base for optimal view

This Next Generation camera helps expand your security and connected home offering and extend your reach to new customers. It provides a perfect opportunity to sell additional hardware and subscription services, and adapts to available bandwidth to support all connected lifestyles. Video is triggered by motion or sound and clips are saved in the cloud for easy storage and retrieval. This Wi-Fi enabled device is a great timesaver offering easy QR Code installation and simple mounting.

Satisfying Customers with Remote Home Monitoring

Having customers with video awareness products may help lower your attrition rate because more system interaction means improved awareness, control and peace of mind. For me, this holds very true. As a working mom, it’s very comforting to be able to look in on my one-year old daughter when she is home during the day. I can zoom in to see her facial expressions and “be there” the first time she says a word or does something new. I get an alert if she is crying and can talk to her through the camera, which surprises her and makes her laugh. I can also get other sound notifications. For example, if something falls in the living room, I would be notified and can check the video to make sure everything’s OK. These features are very comforting because they help keep me informed of what’s going on, even when I am away.

For more information, including new end user materials, visit the Honeywell Total Connect Toolkit.