Remote Home Monitoring with the iPCAM-WIC1 Indoor HD Camera

Alexandra Curtiss by Alexandra Curtiss | 09.18.2017

The Future of Home Security Cameras

The Honeywell Total Connect Team has been working day and night developing the next generation of home security video cameras. At Alarm New England, we had the fortunate opportunity to beta test the new IPCAM-WIC1 Indoor HD Camera. It didn’t take long for the new camera to win us over.

The new HD video camera captures video, triggered by motion or sound, at 720p with night/day vision to ensure visibility. With higher demand for DIY home security systems, it comes in perfect stride that the new IPCAM-WIC1 Indoor Camera requires almost no effort to install. Rather, the video camera can be placed anywhere and simply plugged in.

The IPCAM-WIC1 Indoor Camera in Action

Alarm New England’s lead technician Connie was in the middle of testing the new HD video camera, when her doberman pinscher walked right up to the lens and said hello with a few sniffs and doggie kisses. The video footage captures the beauty of the camera’s 2-way audio feature, and you can see how it would be ideal for people who are interested in monitoring children, elderly parents or pets.

Honeywell Authorized Dealer Program

Honeywell, being at the forefront of the security industry, is constantly seeking out new business opportunities for their dealers. Over the years of partnership between Honeywell and Alarm New England, we have been able to participate in these special pilot programs to provide feedback and help drive new business development activities. The Honeywell Authorized Dealer loyalty program has been key for the active participation of both companies to stay connected as the security industry powers ahead.

Since its founding, Alarm New England has built a business that serves over 27,000 customers. We know how to support our clients and sustain relevance for them despite massive technology shifts over the last several years. We are tried and tested, customer focused, and dedicated to technological innovation.