What Movies Can Teach Us about Using Smart Scenes in Honeywell Total Connect

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 01.18.2018

“The Game Plan,” a movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,” is one of my family’s favorite movies of all time.  In this humorous and heartwarming movie, Johnson begins as an arrogant NFL quarterback named Joe Kingman who finds out that he has an 8 year-old daughter.  In one comical scene with his daughter, Joe accidentally clicks a button on his remote, which makes the lights dim and mood music play in the background.

Besides laughing at this scene, back in 2007, we were actually amazed at this type of home automation, which wasn’t yet available to the masses.  Today, however, thanks to services like Honeywell Total Connect, the connected home is a reality, offering homeowners a wide-variety of options for added convenience, comfort and security.

What are Smart Scenes?

Smart scenes are automated sets of instructions for Z-Wave connected devices in your smart home.  You can set simple trigger scenes like “Wake Up” and “Bedtime” to turn lights on and off, but you can also set more complex scenes that group the actions of multiple smart devices to happen simultaneously or in a specific sequence.  For example, you can set lights to automatically turn on, off and dim at different times throughout the day—and vary the lights used each day.  Add to this shades that open and close during the day and you have a home that looks occupied—even when you are away.

Once Automation is activated on your Total Connect account, you will see a “Scenes” item in the Main Menu that you can simply click to get started.

Increase Connectivity for Endless Possibilities

The smart scenes you create in Honeywell Total Connect are limited only by the connected Z-Wave devices in your home and your imagination.   They may be scheduled scenes or can be automatically triggered by a security system action.  Devices that can be controlled by scenes include connected thermostats, lights, locks, garage doors, shades, blinds, water valves and more.  To get started, simply click “Scenes” in the Total Connect main menu.

Some Scene ideas include:

  • Evening: sets a comfortable temperature, dims the lights, closes blinds and makes sure doors are locked
  • Vacation: controls the temperature, lights, blinds and shades to make your home look occupied
  • Sunlight: lowers the lighting and raises the shades or blinds based on incoming natural light
  • Away: turns off lights, lowers the temperature and locks the doors when the security system is set to “Armed, Away”
  • Returning Home: turns on lights, raises the temperature and unlocks the front door when the security system is disarmed
  • Fire: turns on lights and unlocks the door for the fire department if a fire should occur
  • Security: turns on lights and raises the shades or blinds should a security event occur

If you are not using Total Connect to its fullest capacity, you are truly missing out.  So start setting smart scenes with connected devices and the security system in your home to increase comfort, convenience and peace of mind for you and your loved ones—and even to plan a date night as Joe Kingman accidentally did in “The Game Plan.”