It’s All in the Family: Introducing the IPCAM-WIC2

Durga Srinivasan by Durga Srinivasan | 02.01.2018

If you have your indoor security camera perched loosely on a shelf, you’ve probably experienced a camera fail at one time or another.  An accidental bump from your cat, a slight shift while you’re dusting, and suddenly your camera is no longer pointed at the part of the room you want to monitor.  Of course, you won’t realize it until you try to look in on your home remotely and can’t see a thing.

This is just one of the many reasons that we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our Honeywell Total Connect Next Generation HD video camera family: the IPCAM-WIC2. With its flexible design, this camera offers even more than the IPCAM-WIC1. It packs all the same great features, but adds 1080p HD video, a wider angle view, advanced night vision, and both ceiling and wall mount options.  This makes it a great fit for any décor, and of course, also more resistant to the dreaded accidental camera bump.

Wall or ceiling mounting the C2 facing an exterior door or window allows for Video Alarm Verification, improving the ability to watch and protect a home. Users can also talk to people in the home via the camera’s two-way microphone, see the entire room clearly at night and zoom in while live streaming to get a clearer view of something in the room.

The entire family of cameras is offered with a 7 or 30-day storage plan. The camera adapts to available bandwidth, so cameras are viewable no matter how many devices are connected to the internet. In the event of a Wi-Fi outage or disconnect, the camera saves and encrypts footage locally. It will then upload that footage to the cloud automatically once the Wi-Fi is reconnected. A professional can have the camera up and running in no time with easy QR code install.

Dealers can get started with the IPCAM-WIC2 using our Total Connect Toolkit.  Consumers, you can contact a pro in your area for more information.