LTE Cellular Service and the Evolution of Home Security

Dean Mason by Dean Mason | 03.02.2018

Anyone with a mobile phone has probably heard the term LTE at some point or another.  But what exactly is LTE, and what do security professionals need to know about it?

As more and more people consume digital content on the go, cellular providers have had to answer with new technology.   LTE is the cellular providers’ response to consumer demand for faster Internet speed and more content at their fingertips.  I am reminded of the power of LTE technology as I watch my kids consume cell data at an astounding rate. I certainly don’t have to look far to understand why changes in cellular technology led us to LTE.

Benefits of LTE Cellular Service

There are several benefits to LTE cellular service over its 3G predecessor.  First, LTE expands carrier capacity because it can turn voice calls into digital data and send them over the network, vs older generations, which use traditional circuit switched calling.  Second, it has improved bandwidth, which means faster data speeds to support features like video calls, streaming music and instant messaging.  Third, it makes cellular connectivity more reliable.

LTE and Home Security

There are two ways LTE brings value to the home security industry.  First, home security professionals have a fundamental need for network availability.  A stable, reliable network is critical to support professional services such as alarm monitoring, video alarm verification and integrated smart home security apps.

Secondly, LTE communicators provide longevity by helping to future-proof against emerging home security technologies.  For example, voice control, facial recognition and artificial intelligence are all tech trends that are positioned to impact the home security market over the next several years.  By using the most advanced communication technology, pros can take steps to be ready for whatever lies on the horizon. 

LTE Communicators from Honeywell

The future of LTE in the security industry will bring innovation and opportunity.  It is for this reason that I am excited to announce LTE cellular communicators from Honeywell.  The new LTE communicators are purposefully designed to work with our family of panels, pairing the speed and data capacity of LTE with the quality and reliability that you expect from us.  They are quality tested, warrantied, and agency listed.

By pairing Honeywell LTE communicators with our family of home security products, you can:

  • Increase communications reliability.  Our components are designed to work as a system, you can feel confident that they’ll play nicely together.
  • Improve customer service.  Our LTE communicators utilize AlarmNet 360, our comprehensive, cloud-based management platform.
  • Save time on installation and servicing.  With one-stop support from Honeywell, you can look forward to easier setup and servicing.

For more information about our LTE communicators, visit our website, contact your sales rep, or stop by your nearest ADI branch.