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Top New Features of Honeywell Total Connect  2.0

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 05.18.2015

Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 has just released a number of new features that help provide a dynamic user experience and help dealers stay competitive. Here’s just some of what you’ll find to make your job easier. Smart Scene Set-up We’ve now included an intuitive wizard guide that guides the user through each step for setting […]

The Elevator’s Role in the Connected Business

Katie Hunt by Katie Hunt | 05.11.2015

The notion of the “connected business” is gaining traction as companies seek ways to use technology intermixed with physical space as a tool to achieve strategic business objectives. There are three core principles that define a connected business: energy savings, operational efficiencies, and high-tech security functionality. The most obvious and talked-about places to accomplish this […]

Guest Post: Incorporating Honeywell Total Connect on Every Sale

Joshua Unseth by Joshua Unseth | 05.06.2015

Joshua Unseth is co-founder of Alarm Grid. Adding connectivity to a customer’s home for a few extra bucks is one of the simplest sales we make at Alarm Grid. We add on Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services each day and making these sales is easy since it has become part of our company’s culture. If you’re […]

Guest Post: What’s It Like at a HIS End Users Forum?

Chris Larson by Chris Larson | 05.04.2015

Chris Larson is the National Security Technology Manager for Anthem, Inc. As the HIS End Users Forum approaches, I am thinking back to my first couple of Forums.  The first for me was in Louisville, KY. Honestly, I don’t remember that much of the event.  I do remember the restaurant event though.  It was a […]

Guest Post: Keep Tabs Using Tracking Services

Jerrod Smith by Jerrod Smith | 04.27.2015

Jerrod Smith is owner and founder of Fortress Security. Just last fall, Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services was introduced, giving dealers like us the ability to help customers monitor vehicles and high-value property. Since then, we’ve been performing five to ten installations of the tracking system each month. What we’ve found is that the variety […]