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An Intelligent Look at Smart Buildings

John Smith by John Smith | 03.15.2016

Recently, we released findings from a first-of-its kind survey designed to gauge just how “smart” America’s buildings are. The good news for security integrators – organizations realize that safety (and therefore, security) is a critical component to making a building smart. The not-so-good news – many of these organizations don’t quite realize just how far their […]

Guest Post: 3 Tips for Rocking out the Scope of Work and Sales Presentation

Tracy Larson by Tracy Larson | 09.29.2015

Tracy Larson is President and Partner at WeSuite, LLC. Ever struggled with writing scopes of work or had that gnawing fear that you could lose your shirt (and job!) due to a poorly defined sales presentation?  Ever wish you never sold the job in the first place?  You aren’t alone.  I’ve had my share of stomach […]

Guest Post: Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns

Crystal Newton by Crystal Newton | 09.22.2015

Crystal Newton is the Marketing Coordinator for Bates Security.  Marketing is not an exact science.  Successful campaigns take time and measurement, not to mention trial and error.  The same campaign works differently in each market, so it is important to track all aspects and learn what works best for you in your specific market. Branding […]

Guest Post: Building a Culture of Recognition

John Cerasuolo by John Cerasuolo | 09.09.2015

John Cerasuolo is President and CEO of ADS Security. If I told you that one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to meaningfully improve the performance of your business was absolutely free you might think I was crazy…but it is absolutely true. All it takes is to say thank you. That […]

Guest Post: Include Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services On Every Sale

Dan Jarnagin by Dan Jarnagin | 06.15.2015

Dan Jarnagin is the General Manager for Guardian Systems. Like all security companies, we at Guardian Systems are always looking for ways to increase our RMR. When we were researching options, incorporating Honeywell Total Connect Services on every sale was the obvious choice. Before we could do that, we knew we would have to approach […]